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How to Heal the Human Body

The first steps to reversing any disease or illness is to (1) minimize toxins, (2) eat organic foods and increase hydration, (3) Detoxify the body from the colon to the liver and kidneys to the lymphatic system to the cells and tissues. This is a process that takes time, specific supplements and protocols, and support.

(1) Minimizing toxins means doing your best to eliminate toxins in your environment, within your household, like air fresheners, laundry chemicals, cleaners, etc. Personal products like lotions, makeup, hair care products, soaps, perfumes, etc. Food and quality of water.

(2) Eating organic foods can be a big change for some people. The end goal is to switch to whole foods and eliminate all processed foods, up to 90%. However, we do understand that baby steps is necessary for many people. We all have food addictions, and need time to change our eating habits. Adding in portions of organic veggies into and between meals can be a good way to do this in small steps.

(3) Detoxifying the body is a lifestyle that is a continuous process that involves mindfulness about what we expose our bodies to throughout the day and night. In addition to this daily practice and lifestyle, I recommend doing a deeper detox twice per year to really give the body a fresh start and to clean out any residual toxins that have gotten past our awareness and built up in our systems.

When we give our bodies the nutrients they need to function properly and help them to detox the chemicals, heavy metals and parasites, they will return to their natural state of healing and begin to process hormones and neurotransmitters more efficiently for an optimal healthy life.

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