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Fasting and Healing

The practice of fasting has been shown for thousands of years to be very beneficial for the health and healing of the human body. Fasting allows the body to rest from the tiresome work of digesting and transporting an overload of nutrients, toxins and pathogens. Every time we eat, we are introducing all of these things into our bodies and the work begins. We have trillions of cells in our bodies that have very specific jobs in the transportation of these compounds. As the enzymes break down the foods we eat, the nutrients or toxins bind to our cell receptor sites and either damage the cell or help the cell to do a job within the body. Unfortunately when a toxin, like heavy metals, bind to those receptor sites the nutrients are not able to bind and the cell becomes inactive or confused. Some of these damaged cells act as though they are blind folded, and some of them (over time) mutate and become cancer cells. The "blindfolded" cells often become autoimmune in nature and start attacking parts of the body that are harboring other toxins. Fasting gives our bodies the opportunity to process or clean out some of these toxins, so that our cells can work properly again.

There are many different types of fasting. Some people fast every day for 12-18 hours. This is called intermittent fasting. Others, fast once per week for 24-72 hours for a deeper cleanse. Still, others fast once every month or two for a week or better. It all depends upon your body and what works for you. Some people implement each type of fast periodically for the individual benefits of each practice. In addition to your fast, increasing hydration and improving the quality of your water will be extremely beneficial for the detoxifying effects of your fast. Simply going without food is good, but helping your body and cells wash away the toxins is better. Do you know the quality of your water? Is it actually hydrating your cells and tissues, or is it passing through you without benefiting your cleanse? If your pee is clear, chances are that it is passing straight through your system without even pulling out any toxins because it cannot penetrate the cell wall. There are water systems you can purchase that will structure your water for deep cellular penetration and clean-out. The quality of your water matters for your health and mental state.

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